Top Golf Courses to Enjoy Your Favorite Wagering Game

Golf and gambling go together. They have done so since the beginning of golf, and many golf players today who are not working on their game are placing wagers in games like Nassau, Best Ball, Sixes and so on. You probably have your favorite game of the lot. To make your game even more interesting, we’ve picked some of the best golf courses in the world that you could take your wagering to on your next golfing holiday.

These courses are in no way special when it comes to golf betting. But they are fantastic courses that any respectable golfer will appreciate.

Pebble Beach Golf Links

The popular (but windy) Pebble Beach course in California offers gorgeous views across the rocky shores of the Pacific Coast. The fairways are narrow and the wind is critical here, so be sure to choose the right club if you want to win your wagers.

Royal County Down Golf Club

This club in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, is home to the 18-hole Annesley and Championship courses, lyrically set between the Irish Sea and the mountains of Mourne. It is not an easy course to play – gorse and heather line the fairways and thick tussocks carpet the bunkers. Gambling on the wind is bound to add to the thrill.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

This Australian club is one of the country’s finest, with two 18-hole courses that have hosted many national and international tournaments. The West Course has dramatic slopes, rugged good looks and rich sandy soil. The East course is also undulating, and features 7 home paddock’ holes.

GSt Andrews, Scotland, UK

Probably the world’s best-known golf course is at St Andrews. Not only does the Old Course have atmosphere and historic weight – it has been around since the 15th century when young men seemed to prefer it to archery. King James the IV played there too, around 1502. Besides the world-famous Old Course, there are four other 18-hole courses, a 9-hole course and areas to practice in, making St Andrews welcome to golfers of all skill levels.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, New York

New York’s very own golf club is the country’s first clubhouse, and also the first to take in female members. The course lies on the rolling landscape of the southern shore of Long Island. The ocean winds make this course not so easy to challenge, especially with a wager on, but there is also lots of variety to keep you interested.

Muirfield Village Golf Club, Scotland

Muirfield Village was the first club in the world to have a golfing society, since its establishment in 1744. The course is not the easiest to play, and has been dubbed the best golf course in Britain’ by Jack Nicklaus.

If a casino doesn’t suit you and online casino games are not your preferred style of taking risks, you may prefer the competitive waging that goes on at golf clubs and courses. The hundred-year-old Nassau is probably the most popular. Then come presses and junk wagers. Just beware of the sandbaggers and you can bring some thrill into the links, coupled with the stunning vistas of the golf courses in this list.