Golf For Beginners

Golf for beginners can be a daunting prospect when you are playing against more experienced players, even under the handicap system. There is, however, a way in which to get an edge over your expert rivals, Let's break down the shots required to complete a typical hole for the amateur golfer, we'll ignore par three holes for this exercise and concentrate on par 4's and 5's. In a perfect world, you would play these holes thus;

  • Tee shot
  • Long iron (Long iron + mid/short iron for par 5's)
  • Pitch/chip shot for missed greens
  • Two putts

Two areas in golf, for beginners, where you will be behind your experienced playing partners are the tee shot and the long iron play. It is well recognized among golf instructors that the primary element of the game that beginners struggle with is long iron shots. So, now you think we are going to advise you on these shots, no. Where you will get the upper hand is in your short game! Let's break down the shots again, this time for regulation play, (the shots that a scratch golfer should complete the course in) on a typical par 72.

  • Tee shots = 18
  • Iron shots = 18
  • Putts = 36

You can see, straight away, from this that half of the game is putting!! So, now you think I am going to advise you about putting tips, no. Putting is relatively easy if you are relatively close to the hole. My advice to you is practice, practice, and then practice some more of your pitching and chipping shots. From just off the green, you put the ball 25-30 feet from the hole; you're to make the putt one time in 40 - put the ball 5-6 feet from the hole, you're to do it 7 out of 10 times. Imagine you pull this off 30% in one round that is six shots saved. Golf for beginners is not easy, it's a huge learning curve, but this may help in a small way, view my pitching and chipping exercises to get your ball closer to the hole for an easy putt.

In fact, this information is also what you need as a gambler.When betting online on golf casinos, you are required to know much of this.

In addition,when you are starting out in the game of golf, I imagine you have mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation.

Excitement - because you can't wait to get out onto the course and begin your, hopefully life-long, experience of this beautiful game. Believe me; this feeling never leaves you. As with any sport or game, the better you get at it - the more you will enjoy it, golf is no different. Keep the enjoyment factor going by playing as many different courses as you can, and play with as many different people as you can. Golf is a very sociable game and experienced players will offer advice and golf tips, for beginners this is invaluable.

Trepidation - we've all been there, you're on the first tee with a group of strangers behind waiting to tee off. The only thought in your mind is 'Oh my god; I just hope this goes straight and reasonably long.' Don't worry this is natural, none of us want to be seen as duffers or hackers.

Enjoy your golf.