Fun facts about golf you probably did not know

As one of the oldest sports in the world, Golf is enjoyed by millions of people. While most people are familiar with only the general concepts about golf, here are some interesting facts about golf you probably did not know.

Just about everyone invented golf

Golf is known to have been invented in Scotland about 500 years ago but many other cultures claim to have also invented it even before the Scots. For example, the Chinese claim to have been playing Chiuwan, a game that was similar to golf as far back as 943 after death while the Dutch played kulf back in the 1200s. Even the ancient Peruvians claim to have played a game that resembled golf.

Golf balls were initially made of wood

Interestingly, the first golf balls were made of only hardwood such as box trees and beech. These balls were used between the 14th and 17th century. The major drawback of using this wooden balls was that they only lasted for a short time.

The other golf balls were made of feathers

Almost at the same time wooden golf balls were used, there were also feathery golf balls. They were basically a leather pouch that was filled with goose or chicken feathers. Due to the scarcity of the material used and the extensive labor, the modern day equivalent of the cost of feathery golf balls was about $20.

Golf has been played on the moon

Golf is one of the two sports that have been played on the moon. On 6th Feb, 1967, Alan Bartlett performed a one handed swing using a six iron that send the golf ball flying through the moon’s atmosphere.

Javelin is the other sport that has been played on the moon.

Japanese golfers have a hole-in-one insurance

In Japan, if you hit a hole in one, you should share your good luck by holding a party complete with free gifts for all the attendants. For this reason, the golfers here take up hole in one insurance which ensures they afford the cost of gifts, food and drinks for the celebration.

The premiums are quite reasonable, for $65, you get $3000 to finance the party provided the hole in one meets the policy requirements.

Heat is good when playing golf

Golf balls travel faster when it is hot. This is because the rubber components are more resilient when it is warm and the warm air is less dense than the cold air hence less resistance.

Development of new golf courses is banned in China

China banned the development of new golf courses back in 2004. However, this has not stopped the local communities and cities from building them. To avoid penalties, the developers intentionally fail to indicate in the proposed plans that they are build a golf course.

Golf was once banned in Scotland

Parliament of James II banned Golf on 6th March 1457 claiming that it interfered with the military which was training for the war against English. It was claimed that people played on the streets, public spaces and churchyards which was nuisance, unprofitable as well as dangerous.